The user game operation experience of smart devices apply to a game interworking framework

Demonstration contents(HTML5-based Smart TV Game)

Development Environment

By default, the PC environment including support for game development in Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV.
*PC : Development environment for eclipse program based can be used.
*Samsung Smart TV: available after downloading the SDK,emulator on Samsung Developer Forum
*LG Smart TV: available after downloading the SDK, emulator on WebOS TV from LG in developers homepage

Development time

Time depending on the size and complexity of development program is different.if initial stages of development, work time is faster.
When the fast progress, While the number of days it take. Or time for a few weeks it takes

Ease of use

Software framework of the MIS License to develop games and app to HTML, javascript, Websocket is easily configured to provide the API and Animation engine of the various object-oriented approach needed for game development.

Reference materials

Three kinds of samples app included in the SDK developed by enchant.js

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